Sportsbook Fund Deposit Detail Guide Steps

Sportsbook Fund Deposit Detail Guide Steps – Making a fund deposit transaction when you want to play online sportsbook gambling is indeed quite risky with the occurrence of various obstacles. Deposit footballs to be exchanged for participating points for betting on soccer bets at the ball dealer. See the most detailed instructions for reloading the ball directly on Online Soccer Gambling.

When you place a bet at an online bookmaker, in order to be able to bet on football, you must first make a deposit to your account. However, some new players may not know the deposit process at the soccer dealer. In this article, the soccer agent will guide you to refill the ball in the most detail for your reference.

Ball deposit method

Currently, football dealers allow players to make deposits via 2 primary methods: deposit by transfer and direct deposit.

Deposit via bank transfer

For the utmost peace of mind for customers’ needs, Bola has been connected to most of the major banks in Vietnam today. Now players will be able to recharge via bank transfer, atm transfer anytime, anywhere using very convenient.

As long as you have internet and a bank account, you will be able to transfer and recharge to participate in judi bola betting. If you do not have a bank account, you can go directly to the nearest bank for transfer assistance.

Direct deposit

Using the exclusive deposit method, please contact the soccer dealer for exclusive times and appointments. Then it’s perfect when the schedule syncs for transactions. But this method is no longer widely used because it is quite tiring and the minimum amount for each deposit must be 10 million.

Pay attention to the time to refill the ball

To make the deposit process smooth at the ball dealer, please pay attention to the following information. Call the soccer hotline to receive a cash receipts account. For each deposit, the recipient’s account number doesn’t match, so you need to call the hotline to get a new account number. Due to the large number of players, the account will be rotated for each member.

The minimum deposit amount means 250k for players and 10 million for dealers. Save receipts and transaction info. So the ball agent has sent the most detailed reload instructions. What are you waiting for without making a deposit to the soccer house to join football betting now.


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